jueves, julio 22, 2010

New World Symphony Miami Beach, Gehry Partners

The New World Symphony, America's Orchestral Academy, will celebrate moving into its first purpose-built home in its 23-year history. The new campus, to open on January 25, 2011, marks a new era for the institution founded by Michael Tilson Thomas.The building, conceived as a laboratory for music education and performance, is located adjacent to a 2.5 acre public park into which the New World Symphony will extend its programming.Set in a soaring, 80 foot high glass wall, a spectacular and dynamic entrance will lead into an atrium featuring playful, geometric forms, a high-tech box office, and a public bar with an undulating, green-tinted titanium canopy.The centerpiece of the building will be a 757 seat natural acoustic performance space featuring large, distinctive sail-like acoustical surfaces that will come alive with theatrical lighting, videos and other projected imagery.

Ghery Partners

martes, julio 20, 2010

House 6 by Marcio Kogan

The House 6 project was thought out after the client had made an important request. The family wanted a covered external space to be used for everyday living. This space should be used to organize all the social life of the house. The Brazilian tropical climate suggests ample use of these solutions in vernacular as well as in modern architecture. Beginning from the colonial, Brazilian architecture has usually incorporated a space that was known as the veranda. Verandas are covered linear spaces in front of the living room and bedrooms which act as the intermediary between the interior and exterior.

Marcio Kogan Architect