jueves, mayo 27, 2010

BMW Welt, Munich

La arquitectura de Coop Himmelblau al máximo nivel corporativo alemán.

A structure with flexible and transparent rooms: In December 2001, following in-depth debates, the board of the BMW AG has voted in favour of the architectural concept by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. The outstanding concept of the BMW Welt is characterised very much by the unique roof structure and the so-called Double Cone.

The 16,000 m² of cloud roof which emanates from the forming Double Cone is only carried by twelve hinged columns and creates the impression that it is floating. In its basic system, it consists of an upper and a lower girder grillage with a basic grid of five by five metres. Between the layers, diagonal struts are inserted which link the two layers of girder grillage, hereby creating a spatial supporting structure.

The Double Cone which protrudes prominently from the entire building acts as a powerful and dynamic eye-catcher. The cyclone made of glass and steel, winding upwards, ending in the roof which is suspended freely, floating just like a cloud, is created by a dynamic deformation of the two girder layers and constitutes one of the main supporting points of the roof.

BMW Welt

Coopp Himmelblau