martes, enero 25, 2011

Central Embassy en Bangkok

Parece que no sólo hay buen padthai en Bangkok, las grandes capitales de Asia están acaparando la vanguardia contemporánea.


Primer proyecto de Frank Ghery en OZ

Capaz que esperamos mucho de los maestros, capaz que los maestros delegan más de lo que los mortales esperamos. La cosa es que del creador de los proyectos Guggenheim todos esperamos más que una caja arrugada, por más que sea para albergar una aburridísima escuela de comercio.
Al fin y al cabo, ahí se forman los que inventarán las crisis, los que esclavizarán a la humanidad de 9 a 5, la sola enunciación de la mórbida contradicción debería dar para exotar las neuronas de uno que supo doblar las rectas y colgarse de los planos modernos para desarmarlos desde la contemporaneidad.

Sydney Morning Herald

New York Theater City

New York is, without a doubt, one of the main contemporary capitals of the world. Nowadays, Broadway has become a tourist attraction that brings people from all over the world. It is very hard to find new plays in Broadway authentic theatres, and it’s shows are basically based in the British musical theatre and have famous Hollywood stars in the main roles just to captivate the audience.
ArchMedium wants to propose the design of the New York Theatre City It is an urban theatre campus where smaller companies can dispose of rehearsal spaces, and the new spectacles can show themselves to the world offering an always young, new and different cultural activity.


•President of the jury Willy Müller
•Projects Josep Ferrando
•Architect especialist in NY María Rubert
•Architect especialist in theatres Antoni Ramón
•Architect and Director of “ESMUC” Pau Monterde


1st Prize

2500 Euros. Project publication on “WA”+”TC Cuadernos” + “Future magazine”. One-year subscription to ON Diseño magazine. Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UP and Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires.

2nd Prize

1000 Euros. Project publication on TC Cuadernos magazine. One-year subscription to ON Diseño magazine. Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UPC and Buenos Aires.

3rd Prize

500 Euros. Project publication on “WA”+”TC Cuadernos” + “Future magazine”.. One year subscription to ON Diseño magazine Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UPC and and Buenos Aires.

10 Honorable mentions

Project publication on “WA”+”TC Cuadernos” + “Future magazine”. Exposition at the Architecture School of Barcelona ETSAB/UPC and Buenos Aires

ARCH Medium

sábado, julio 31, 2010

SHELL - residencia contemporánea en Japón de ARTechnic Arquitectos

The SHELL villa in Kaurizawa has two storey structures, two tubes with oval sections which arranged around a fir tree. The top of the oval shaped building wall thickens by 330mm and its width continuously increases up to 730mm at both sides to meet the structural requirements. The floor is built 1.4 meters above the ground, with the lower half of the shell structure protruding greatly towards the outside, supporting the terrace of the same height.

ARTechnic Arquitectos

jueves, julio 22, 2010

New World Symphony Miami Beach, Gehry Partners

The New World Symphony, America's Orchestral Academy, will celebrate moving into its first purpose-built home in its 23-year history. The new campus, to open on January 25, 2011, marks a new era for the institution founded by Michael Tilson Thomas.The building, conceived as a laboratory for music education and performance, is located adjacent to a 2.5 acre public park into which the New World Symphony will extend its programming.Set in a soaring, 80 foot high glass wall, a spectacular and dynamic entrance will lead into an atrium featuring playful, geometric forms, a high-tech box office, and a public bar with an undulating, green-tinted titanium canopy.The centerpiece of the building will be a 757 seat natural acoustic performance space featuring large, distinctive sail-like acoustical surfaces that will come alive with theatrical lighting, videos and other projected imagery.

Ghery Partners

martes, julio 20, 2010

House 6 by Marcio Kogan

The House 6 project was thought out after the client had made an important request. The family wanted a covered external space to be used for everyday living. This space should be used to organize all the social life of the house. The Brazilian tropical climate suggests ample use of these solutions in vernacular as well as in modern architecture. Beginning from the colonial, Brazilian architecture has usually incorporated a space that was known as the veranda. Verandas are covered linear spaces in front of the living room and bedrooms which act as the intermediary between the interior and exterior.

Marcio Kogan Architect

jueves, mayo 27, 2010

BMW Welt, Munich

La arquitectura de Coop Himmelblau al máximo nivel corporativo alemán.

A structure with flexible and transparent rooms: In December 2001, following in-depth debates, the board of the BMW AG has voted in favour of the architectural concept by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. The outstanding concept of the BMW Welt is characterised very much by the unique roof structure and the so-called Double Cone.

The 16,000 m² of cloud roof which emanates from the forming Double Cone is only carried by twelve hinged columns and creates the impression that it is floating. In its basic system, it consists of an upper and a lower girder grillage with a basic grid of five by five metres. Between the layers, diagonal struts are inserted which link the two layers of girder grillage, hereby creating a spatial supporting structure.

The Double Cone which protrudes prominently from the entire building acts as a powerful and dynamic eye-catcher. The cyclone made of glass and steel, winding upwards, ending in the roof which is suspended freely, floating just like a cloud, is created by a dynamic deformation of the two girder layers and constitutes one of the main supporting points of the roof.

BMW Welt

Coopp Himmelblau

jueves, mayo 20, 2010

La patética vivienda de un arquitecto en Hong Kong

Tristes tiempos en los que el equivalente de la jaulita (con ruedita) del hamster para un humano es condiderado bueno y eficiente. Lejos quedan los tiempos en que el maestro Latchinián definía el hogar como "el lugar que da al hombre el confort necesario para desarrollar su vida". Muy por el contrario, arquitectos como este buen hombre bien podrían definir el hogar contemporáneo como "el lugar mínimísimamente imprescindibe para que el hombre recargue un poco de energía entre una jornada en que los dueños del poder lo explotaron al máximo y la siguiente". De última salió en el New York Times, segur que para el año que viene se puede comprar otros dos metros cuadrados.

Pathetic Hong Kong architect´s "house"

Sad times are these, when the equivalent to a hamster´s cage for humans is considered good and efficient. Far behind are the times when Master Latchinián used to define a home as " the place that gives men the necessary comfort to develop his life". On the far contrary, architects like this good man in Hong Kong, could well define the home as "the tiniest place hardly enough for the man to recharge the minimum energy needed between a journey when the owners of the power squeezed him to the last drop and the next". Anyway, he made the pages of the New York times, he may be able to buy another two square meters next year.

Interactive architecture

New York Times